The Bali Sea

We went for a morning of water activities on Thursday – I went snorkelling and Duane went diving to the Liberty ship wreck. It was pretty darn fantastic – the water is so warm, and we saw tons of fish, many different than we see in Maui. Great fun.

Friday, we cycled from Singaraja, a very poor area, to Candidasa, more upscale but still fairly quiet. We biked a lovely quieter road up the volcano and coasted down, down, down through some lovely rice paddies and peanut fields (seriously, the peanuts here are so much better than anything I’ve ever tasted!). It was a super day except for one detail… was 42C with 90% humidity!!!! I have never been so hot in my entire life. Brutal. But the icy cold Coke was awesome after haha.

Today was a particularly fun one……a trip to the local market and Balinese cooking school! Oh, man that was fun. The market was stiflingly hot but the best people watching in a long time plus an incredible display of local fruits and veg. A lady was carrying stacks of eggs on her head that was easily 3 feet high. It is festival time here and they use flowers for decorating everything, so there were baskets of every kind of flower petal you could imagine. Old women proudly showed us their produce and offered us tastes. It was awesome. Back at the hotel, we prepared 5 Indonesian dishes and enjoyed the fruits of our labours. I loved it!!

Still struggling with adding pics. Will make an offering to the internet gods perhaps. One more day of riding then we have a day off haha and starting making our way north and east!


Moved hotels again this morning so onto the bikes we went for about 35 km (Duane did an extra 12). The road is very good here and the traffic was much lighter today. There are very few sections of road that are not developed with shops or homes or businesses of some sort. It seems more developed than I expected. I guess I thought this was an ‘undiscovered’ paradise, not so. Having said that, it is a wonderful, beautiful place!! The most fun thing on the road are the school kids who relish the opportunity to shout hello and wave like crazy. All ages, in school uniforms, on bikes, or motorbikes 3 at a time, they are very excited to see us and are particularly intrigued by Duane’s helmetcam and his Tony the Tiger jersey. Always a big hit.
It was equator hot today so our guides were dousing us with ice water to avoid over heating which was welcome on the road. There was a huge dead snake at one point, ivory coloured and uuuuugly!!! About 3 or 4 feet long. I am deathly afraid of snakes (understatement here) jbut dead ones seem to be ok as I didn’t crash or anything drastic.
Our resort is in Singaraja in a drier and thankfully, less humid region, right on the sea and, like many many resorts here, the spa is the thing. They greeted us right off the bike, all sweating and grimy with a foot bath and shoulder massage, and fresh limeade. Good grief but we have been spoiled. We wound down with a sit at the pool and a full massage.
That’s it for now.
Hope to post pics soon, the internet is pretty sketchy.